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Lakefront House For Sale Kootenay Lake BC  at 10025 Boswell, British Columbia.

Unique spacious 1240 sq. ft. one level home for sale Kootenay Lake BC with 3 separate private cabins, each being 360 sq. ft. Equaling a 2320 sq ft BC waterfront home. Built in 2000. The 21 +/- acre very private 630 ft +/-  of waterfront property for sale Kootenay Lake BC is surrounded by mature trees and an abundance of wildlife. Relax on the deck and watch the resident ospreys or bald eagles fishing in the lake.

Kootenay Lake BC Property for Sale offered at $1,600,000 NEW PRICE $1,200,000

Waterfront Property for Sale East Shore Kootenay Lake BC

East Shore Kootenay Lake BC is surprisingly, a little-known treasure. Maybe it's because it's off the beaten tourist routes. Kootenay Lake is relatively undeveloped and is in South Eastern British Columbia. Its thickly forested mountains and pristine waters provide solace to the souls of residents and visitors alike. There's plenty to do year round in the East Kootenays. Whether you choose to hike, golf, kayak, or just relax on a sandy beach, you'll find yourself surrounded by almost unbelievable beauty.

Kootenay Lake BC

Kootenay Lake, the largest natural lake in southern British Columbia, is bordered by the the Selkirk Mountains to the West and by the Purcells to the east.

Kootenay Lake is 63 miles/100 km long in the South to North direction and averages 400 plus feet in depth and is considered to be a fjord-like lake. Two rivers feed it, the Duncan River at the north end and the Kootenay River at the south. Kootenay Lake is considered to be in part, a widening of the Kootenay River. Kootenay Lake drains from it's middle through the West Arm (21 miles/34 km long in a westerly and southwesterly direction from Balfour to Nelson) and eventually pours into the Columbia River system.

Prior to the 1800s, the Lower Kootenay Indians were the sole inhabitants of this resource rich land. They came to the lake to seasonally to collect huckleberries and catch Kokanee salmon. In the earl 1860s a few European settlers began to arrive and settle on the land. In the early 1900s, the CPR started an advertising program touting the area as a great oasis for farming and growing fruit orchards, and a significant number of English settlers were lured to Kootenay Lake. Apples, strawberries, and especially cherries were and are the most successful fruit crops.

The many parks and wilderness areas sprinkled about Kootenay Lake mean the area is a fabulous natural playground. Tree lined roads and mountain trails provide access to exceptional hiking and mountain biking, and the large freshwater lake offers all kinds of water sports. Many lodges, resorts and campgrounds are located on the shores of the lake.

The Kootenay Lake region is a 4-season sports and recreation destination.  Real Estate on Kootenay Lake BC is still relatively reasonably priced.

Carefree Cruising on the Kootenay Lake Ferry

The views are priceless, and the Kootenay Lake Ferry ride is free! The Kootenay Lake Ferry, a year-round ferry service provided by the British Columbia Ministry of Highways. It is advertised as the longest and most scenic free ferry crossing in the world. The trip between Crawford Bay, on the lake’s East shore, to Balfour, on the west arm shore, offers million-dollar views of the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains that frame the lake. The ferry service is provided 20 hours a day by 2 vessels, the Balfour and the Osprey 2000. Ferries leave both terminals and pass each other in the middle of the crossing every 50 minutes in the summer season (Victoria Day in May to Thanksgiving Day in October), and leave both terminals every 100 minutes in the winter season. The MV Osprey carries up to 80 vehicles and foot passengers can walk on at any sailing.

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